Install an OS on your dedicated physical HP server with iLO 4

With you favoured web browser connect to the ILO IP you received in the order confirmation and login with your username and password.
On the main page click on the HTML5 in the line Integrated Remote Console
A new window will open
To mount an ISO from your local storage please click on the virtual media (CD/DVD symbol), select CD/DVD and Local *.iso file
a local browser will open where you can select an ISO file. With Open you will mount the ISO.
If you just mounted the ISO to a running OS you will see the CD/DVD in your file browser
If you are installing a new server please follow these steps. 
Click on the menu symbol and, select power and Momentary Press if the server is power off else you can select Reset.
Confirm by clicking OK
Wait until you see on the bottom of the screen Press F11 for boot menu
Now select 1 in the boot menu to start booting from the CD/DVD
The boot process will begin. Since the speed of the booting depends on your upload this process can take some time, therefore, we recommend you boot from Netinstall CD/DVD since those are usually smaller and load faster.
Please be aware that if you disconnect the remote connection the CD/DVD will automatically unmount.

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