Reinstall your KVM with a fresh OS (Linux or Windows Auto-Installation)

Warning! When you reinstall a server, all data on that server will be wiped!
Reinstall your KVM using the Autoinstall OS function.
  • Login to your KVM VPS panel with your email address and password.
  • Click on "Services(1)
  • Select the machine you would like to reinstall (2)
  • Click on the blue "AutoInstall OS" button (3)
  •   Select the OS of your choice (4)
  •   Enter a secure password (5)
    •   Optional: paste your SSH-RSA key
    •   Optional: paste your "post install script" which executes right after the KVM is installed.
  • Click "Start the installation" (6)
The installation will take around 10 minutes to complete (Some Windows installations can take longer).

EDIS server panel - client area
EDIS server panel - products overview
EDIS server panel - products details
EDIS server panel - KVM autoinstaller - Operating System
EDIS server panel - KVM autoinstaller - password
EDIS server panel - KVM autoinstaller - start the installation

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