Activate VNC, access console or desktop with noVNC

Enable VNC
  • Login to your KVM VPS control panel with your email address and password.
  • Click on "Services(1)
  • Click on the KVM you would like to adminstrate (2)
  • Click on the green "Enable VNC" button (3)
  • Enter a VNC password (4)
  • Click  "Enable VNC"
It takes about 5 seconds for the VNC service to start.
Access your server using noVNC web client (after you enabled VNC)
  • Click on the green "Launch noVNC" button (5)
  • Enter your VNC password (6)
  • Your machine's interactive desktop or console will be displayed (7)
EDIS server panel - client area
EDIS server panel - products overview
EDIS server panel - products details - enable VNC
EDIS server panel - enable VNC
EDIS server panel - products details - launch noVNC
EDIS server panel - noVNC password field
EDIS server panel - noVNC showing vps output

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