How to create an email address ?

1- Log into the vhost area here:

2- In the left menu, go to Email addresses -> Management

3- Fill in the “Create e-mail address” form and click on Create

4- In this page, select Email Forwarding if you would like to to forward all emails received to an another email address or select Email - Mailbox if you wish to create a regular email account.

    a- In case you selected Email Forwarding:

        - Fill in the destination addresses (one per line)

    b- In case you selected Email - Mailbox:

        - Enter a password for the email account in the Change Password form

        - You can activate an autoresponder for your account.

        - Indicate the number of days you would like to keep emails saved in your account         in the “Quenching behaviour” field.

5- Spam and Virus Protection:

We recommend using the default settings, please do not modify these settings unless you fully understand them.

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