Description of the VPS panel for KVM


Here is a quick description of the main functions of the VPS panel for KVM based products


1: This is the power status of your VPS, from this menu you can power on, power off or execute a hard reset on your machine.

2: You can set a name for the VPS from this menu.

3: You can customise your IP address reverse DNS from here.

4: It’s possible to assign a disk image from our library to your machine’s virtual cd-rom drive and boot from it. This can be useful if you would like to manually install the operating system of your VPS. If you are unable to find your preferred image, please provide our support team with the iso you would like to use and we will add it if it’s suitable.

5: This is the easiest and quickest option to install or re-install the operating system, simply select a template and let the VPS manager do the rest.


Important: It is not possible to restore the root password from the panel, however it is possible to restore it through VNC, please follow this link for detailed instructions:


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Mir scheint, die Option reverse dns zu Konfigurieren wurde in der Zwischenzeit entfernt. Bei mir steht bei Punkt 3 nur noch "please contact"...
Alex Schroeder (March 31, 2019 at 1:42 PM)

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