How to install Windows Server on a KVM VPS ?


This article was updated in July 2018

! This manual is created for Windows Server editions 2016, 2012R2, 2012, 2008, 2008 R2
! This manual will NOT work for a standard Windows Desktop installation

! To setup Windows Server on KVM you this minimal setup:

  • A KVM VPS with 20GB disk space minimum (KVM Starter, Basic, Advanced or Premium)
  • Your own Windows license (2016, 2012R2, 2012, 2008, 2008 R2)
  • A VNC client (we recommend TightVNC)

This guide shows you how to install one of our available Windows ISOs with your own license on a KVM server.

The Installation

First login to the VPS Panel. Here you have to:

  • Set the VPS to CD-ROM to the right Windows ISO
  • Enable VNC
  • Set the "faster virtio Driver" to  Virtio (set by default)
  • Set the "NIC Model" to  Virtio  (set by default)
Logon to the server with  VNC and perform a "Soft-Reset" (You can find it in the KVM power control drop-down)

After the soft reset  of the VPS Press F12 or ESC to load the Boot menu

In the boot menu press "3" to boot from the Windows ISO, you inserted before and press any key to start the boot procedure for the Windows OS

Continue with the installation as usual until you get the empty HDD setup screen. 

Here we need to load the client Virtio drivers to be able to select the HDD for the installation and to connect to the right network interface.

  • Click  Load Driver :
  • Click  Browse  and navigate to the driver CD (usually mounted on E:\) :

Now select the right Virtio drivers folder for to NetKVM and select the subfolder:

  • For Windows 2016 select the  2k16  folder
  • For Windows 2012/R2 select the  2k12 or 2k12R2  folder
  • For Windows 2008/R2 select the  2k8 or 2k8R2 folder

For Windows 2012 and newer only a 64-bit is available so select the AMD64 sub-folder - You *need* to select the correct subfolder matching your architecture (x64 = AMD64, x86 = X86).

After confirming the right driver folder you should:

  • Click  Next 

No repeat the process again but go to the folder viostor

  • Click  Next 

Now you should see the Partition and you can resume the installation.

Once the installation is finished you will need to set up the IP manually, before the server can be reached from the Internet. The IP, Netmask, Gateway and Nameservers can all be found in the VPS admin.

No further driver installations should be required.

Your Windows Server is now ready to use.


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