The IP-range of my VPS is listed on the Spamrats Dyna blacklist.

The Spamrats Dyna blacklist is a very 'bad' blacklist and delisting is unfortunately not always possible. The blacklist checks on non generic reverse DNS for an entire /24 range (which we have not set for IP addresses ranges that are being assigned to VPS servers, neither can we enforce customers to set them) and blocks that entire range after receiving spam from one or two IP addresses in the whole range.
Because we are not informed on what these specific 'offending' IP addresses are, we cannot request delisting for the entire range. We have no way of knowing which customer has caused the issue(s). Therefore we can only subsequently request delisting for a single IP address.
Very recently Spamrats has added the possibility to request delisting for your IP if your range is listed, however this will only work if your VPS has a correctly set reverse DNS / PTR record. You can set the reverse DNS name of your server in the VPS Server Admin tool.
You can request delisting on Please note again that this will only work if you have correctly setup a non-generic reverse DNS record for your IP. Another possible solution is to order an extra IPv4-address for your VPS (or send mail through IPv6), however IP-addresses are allocated randomly based on availability and there is always the chance the new IP address is also located in the blocked IP range.

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