How can I reinstall my KVM, VRS or OpenVZ VPS?

Not all types of VPS can be reinstalled the same way. There is the VPS server admin for reinstalling your KVM or VRS machine and there is the SolusVM panel for reinstalling your OpenVZ machine. Both ways are explained on this page.

Reinstall KVM and VRS

For both KVM and VRS virtualization you can reinstall your Virtual Private Server you will find two possibilities in our VPS Server Admin.

  • First login to the VPS server admin at
  • In the left menu choose which type of VPS you want to manage and then choose the specific VPS from the upper-menu
You can now either do a fully automated install:
  1. Click Autoinstall at the bottom of the page
  2. Fill in the new Root password
  3. After a few minutes the server will be reinstalled
Or you can do a manual reinstall through VNC:
  1. Turn ON VNC
  2. Set a VNC password if you do not have one
  3. In the Boot "pulldown" menu choose the OS you want to install (and acknowledge your choice)
  4. In the top KVM/VRS "pulldown" menu choose ''Hard Reset'' (and acknowledge)
  5. Now connect to the server with VNC and do the installation.

Reinstall OpenVZ

The reinstallation of your OpenVZ VPS can be done in the SolusVM panel.
  1. First login to the SolusVM panel at
  2. Click on the hostname of the server you want to reinstall (or click 'manage' behind it)
  3. Click on the Reinstall icon in the middel of the page
  4. Select the OS you want to install by clicking the radio button behind the OS
  5. Now press the green Reinstall button at the bottom of the screen

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