My order was flagged "Fraud" - Why did that happen and what shall I do?

EDIS uses the MaxMind fraud check to identify and recognize well known abusers and offenders of Internet services.
If you are a newly signed-up client, you will need to go through this initial check upon your first order.
In some rare cases your legitimate order can be identified as fraudulent.
This can sometimes happens if:
  • The IP address you used has bad reputation (likely on NATed internet access)
  • Almost the same case if you are using VPN services and the IP that was assigned to you is not clean
  • Your are from a former EU / US embargoed country
If you are in this unfortunate situation and your legitimate order is flagged 'fraudulent' please contact our Support Department and leave us a support ticket. We will help you and make sure your order status will be recitified.

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