Double payments, PayPal subscriptions, credit balance

EDIS sometimes receives emails regarding double-charged PayPal accounts.
We do not withdraw any money from clients' PayPal accounts.
In case you have a subscription (recurring payment) set up in your PayPal account, PayPal transfers the same amount to the recipient every month. PayPal initiates an outgoing payment from your account. This has nothing to do with direct debit. These payments are initiated by PayPal and not triggered by EDIS.
Sometimes it can happen, that customers sign up for a subscription and make a manual payment on top.
This causes double- or over-payments. These overpayments are detected and added to your EDIS credit balance accordingly.
(Credit balance is prioritized and will automatically be applied to future invoices automatically).
You can manage your PayPal subscriptions in your own PayPal account.
Cancel any unwanted or duplicate subscriptions.
You can sign-up for a new subscription at any time.

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